Reports TTIPing Away the Ladder


TTIPing Away the Ladder

This report contributes to the debate on the relationship between TTIP and development objectives, focusing on the Sustaianble Development Goals (SDGs). It considers the implications of TTIP for the SDGs from three perspectives.

First, it examines the implications of TTIP as a blueprint for multilateral trade, in particular outlining the divergence between the priorities of the EU and US, and those of developing countries at the World Trade Organisation (WTO).

Second, it looks at TTIP’s likely implications for developing countries’ policy space. It considers the powerful precedent that will be set by TTIP in respect of three important areas of policy making that will underpin efforts to achieve the SDGs: the provision of public services, industrial strategy and public procurement.

Finally, this report outlines the direct impact that TTIP is likely to have on three key SDGs: strengthening developing countries’ capacity for trade (target 17.11), tackling climate change (goal 13) and achieving significantly improved health outcomes (target 3.b).