Trade Issues

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Democracy and transparency in UK trade policy-making

TRADE DEMOCRACY: The UK needs proper democratic oversight of trade deals because they affect many areas of everyday life

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Trade and climate change

Trade rules govern areas of the economy, from energy to transport to agriculture, that are at the heart of the climate change problem

10 Things

Ten things you should know about Trade and Climate Change

Find out what the links are between Trade and Climate Change in 10 bullet points.

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Digital trade (e-commerce)

Analysis of the e-commerce trade agenda, and the risks for jobs and workers rights, power and wealth distribution and digital industrialisation.

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Trade and international development

Trade rules must promote decent living standards and a healthy environment for all, not a global race to the bottom that exploits the world's poorest

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Regulatory cooperation

Analysis of how alignment of regulation between countries is achieved through trade deals, and impacts on labour rights and environmental standards.

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Trade and services

There has been consistent resistance to service trade agreements as some see them as corporate protection at the expense of the poor

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European trade policy

EU trade and investment policy is an area where the EU has exclusive powers to set the rules for all Member States

Another Way

An alternative vision for trade

An alternative trade vision that is democratic and transparent, promotes human rights, workers rights and the environment ending market fundamentalism