Interesting proposal from the EU: oblige tech giants to share the benefits of data with the public. Trade deals c……
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A US-UK trade deal?

What we could lose by trading away our rights to Trump

Justice Money

One-way corporate courts

How BITs and ISDS transfer business risk to ordinary people

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Trade and international development

Why trade policies can make or break efforts to meet international development goals


Digital trade (e-commerce)

Who really stands to gain from the emerging e-commerce rules?

Reports & Briefings

Dynamic Alignment and Regulatory Cooperation between the UK and the EU after Brexit

This briefing explores the options for dynamic alignment and regulatory cooperation between the UK and the EU after Brexit

Trading up for health

Report: How to prevent trade deals from undermining health

Patriarchy and Profit: A feminist analysis of the global trade system

How trade deals can exacerbate gender inequality

Stepping Away from ISDS

A briefing on how countries in South America, Africa, Asia and Europe are stepping away from the controversial ISDS mechanism

A Trade Model That Works for Everyone

A joint business, union and NGO framework to ensure the UK’s trade policy is more inclusive, transparent and democratic and benefits all stakeholders