Reports Trade and Climate Change


Trade and Climate Change

This Report provides an overview of the key linkages
between trade and climate change based on a review
of available literature and a survey of relevant national
policies. It begins with a summary of the current state
of scientific knowledge on existing and projected
climate change; on the impacts associated with climate
change; and on the available options for responding,
through mitigation and adaptation, to the challenges
posed by climate change (Part I).

The scientific review is followed by an analysis on the
economic aspects of the link between trade and climate
change (Part II), and these two parts set the context for
the subsequent discussion in the Report, which reviews
in greater detail trade and climate change policies at
both the international and national level.

Part III on international policy responses to climate
change describes multilateral eff orts at reducing
greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and adapting to the
risks posed by climate change, and also discusses the
role of the current trade and environment negotiations
in promoting trade in climate mitigation technologies.

The final part of the Report gives an overview of a
range of national policies and measures that have been
used in a number of countries to reduce greenhouse gas
emissions and to increase energy effi ciency (Part IV). It
presents key features in the design and implementation
of these policies, in order to draw a clearer picture of their
overall eff ect and potential impact on environmental
protection, sustainable development and trade. It also
gives, where appropriate, an overview of the WTO
rules that may be relevant to such measures.