Reports A model trade strategy for the UK


A model trade strategy for the UK

A published international trade strategy, clearly stating how the UK intends its trade policy to support a greener and more equal world, should be an urgent priority for the UK Government.

This model trade strategy lays out what the Trade Justice Movement wants to see from any UK trade strategy, covering six key questions:

  • Democracy: How will trade policy be negotiated transparently and democratically?
  • Human rights and labour rights: How will the UK’s trade agreements uphold fundamental rights, in the UK and internationally?
  • Environment: How will UK trade policy support ambitious climate action and high environmental protections?
  • Development: How can sustainable development and the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals be placed at the centre of the UK’s approach to international trade?
  • Corporate accountability: How can UK trade policies help to hold corporations accountable for supply chain abuses?
  • Digital trade: How can trade rules ensure the UK is able to regulate the digital economy now and in the future?

This model trade strategy builds on the Trade Justice Movement’s existing research and analysis. In addition, over the course of drafting this document we have benefited from the expertise and insights of a wide range
of individuals and organisations.

In the course of six roundtable discussions, we engaged directly with 50 individuals from charities, activist groups, trade unions, academia and think tanks. The majority of these are based in the UK, although we also benefited from conversations with experts from Europe, North America and Africa.


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