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Ten things you should know about Trade and Climate Change

This publication shows the links between trade and climate change in 10 short bullet points.

TJM Report

Trade, Investment and Public Health

European Public Health Alliance: Protecting public health in EU and post-Brexit trade agreements

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WTO E-commerce: Statement by the African Group

The WTO African Group's critique of the emerging e-commerce agenda

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Some preliminary implications of WTO source code proposal - Third World Network

An examination by Third World Network (TWN)

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UNCTAD: Rising Product Digitalisation and Losing Trade Competitiveness

An examination of who wins and who loses out from digitalisation

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Developing Countries in the Emerging Global Digital Order

A report by Parminder Jeet Singh, IT for Change, India

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A Trade Model That Works for Everyone

A joint business, union and NGO framework to ensure the UK’s trade policy is more inclusive, transparent and democratic and benefits all stakeholders

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Back to Basics: Trade Agreements

Class briefing on the impacts of trade agreements

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Fairtrade Foundation Briefing – Trade & Customs Bills, 2nd Reading

Fairtrade Foundation Briefing on the Trade and Customs Bills

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