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The Queen’s Speech and the trade bill

The Trade Justice Movement sets out three steps to ensure that the UK's trade bill is fit for purpose.

TJM Briefing

TJM asks for the 2017 General Election and the party manifestos

Find out how the party manifestos for the 2017 General Election measure up to TJM's asks

TJM Briefing

International Trade and Climate Change

This briefing summarises five ways in which trade rules are damaging the climate, and lists potential trade reforms to curb these effects

TJM Briefing

Third Party Funding - The Financialisation of Justice

How financial institutions are speculating on ISDS cases against governments

TJM Briefing

Brexit and trade justice for the global south

Brexit implications for countries in the global South

TJM Briefing

Reform of UK international investment protection post-Brexit

UK international investment protection is not fit for purpose, reform must happen before full Brexit

TJM Briefing

Democratising UK Trade Post-Brexit

Democracy and transparency in UK trade policy matter to us all

TJM Briefing

Key Issues in UK Trade Policy Post-Brexit

Key issues in UK trade policy post-Brexit

TJM Briefing

TTIPing Away the Ladder

How the EU-US trade deal could undermine the Sustainable Development Goals

TJM Report

TJM Briefing on WTO Ministerial Conference 2015

Broken promises and outstanding issues have characterised the negotiating process at this year’s ministerial conference of the WTO.

TJM Briefing