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How trade can support climate action: a 2021 agenda for the UK

This policy briefing outlines how the UK’s approach to tackling climate change could either be helped or hindered by trade rules.

TJM Briefing

Submission to the House of Commons Public Bill Committee on the Trade Bill

A submission calling for the Trade Bill to be amended to include essential transparency and scrutiny provisions

TJM Consultation Response

Trade Justice Movement submission to APPG for Trade out of Poverty Inquiry

Trade Justice Movement submission to the APPG for Trade out of Poverty Inquiry - Can the Commonwealth help developing countries trade out of poverty?

TJM Consultation Response

Can trade and investment policy support ambitious climate action?

A report outlining options that could be implemented to tackle climate impacts of trade agreements

TJM Report

Post-Brexit: Towards a trade policy that supports development

MP briefing on trade and development

TJM Briefing

Feedback from the Trade Justice Movement on the white paper "Preparing for our future UK trade policy"

Response from TJM to the UK government's proposals on trade policy

TJM Briefing

Post-Brexit Trade and Development Policy: Ensuring Trade Justice for the Global South

A briefing outlining how the UK could reform its trade and development policy so it has the best outcomes for countries in the Global South

TJM Briefing

Stepping Away from ISDS

A briefing on how countries in South America, Africa, Asia and Europe are stepping away from the controversial ISDS mechanism

TJM Briefing

The Queen’s Speech and the trade bill

The Trade Justice Movement sets out three steps to ensure that the UK's trade bill is fit for purpose.

TJM Briefing

TJM asks for the 2017 General Election and the party manifestos

Find out how the party manifestos for the 2017 General Election measure up to TJM's asks

TJM Briefing

International Trade and Climate Change

This briefing summarises five ways in which trade rules are damaging the climate, and lists potential trade reforms to curb these effects

TJM Briefing