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A timeline of UK trade and trade justice

TJM celebrates its 20th anniversary with a new report looking back at two decades of campaigning for a fair and just trading system.

TJM Report

A comparison of the UK's objectives for deals with the US and EU

This table compares the UK’s published negotiation objectives for trade deals with (A) the EU and (B...

TJM Briefing

TJM's submission to the Department for International Trade's consultation on the UK Global Tariff

This document makes recommendations to the government as to how the UK should set its tariff policy to avoid harm to producers in the Global South.

TJM Consultation Response

Priorities for the EU-UK future trade relationship

A joint civil society briefing co-ordinated by TJM, outlining our priorities for the EU-UK trade and regulatory relationship

TJM Briefing

Parliamentary scrutiny in the Withdrawal Agreement Bill

An analysis of the Parliamentary scrutiny provisions in the Withdrawal Agreement Bill

TJM Briefing

Election 2019: How do the manifestos compare on trade policy?

ELECTION: A comparison of trade policy commitments in party manifestos

TJM Briefing

TJM submission to the Department for International Trade's consultation on trade with Japan

This document explains TJM's analysis of the potential impacts of a trade deal with Japan

TJM Consultation Response

Dynamic Alignment and Regulatory Cooperation between the UK and the EU after Brexit

This briefing explores the options for dynamic alignment and regulatory cooperation between the UK and the EU after Brexit

TJM Briefing

Submission to the International Trade Committee Enquiry on Trade and the Environment

TJM highlights how trade deals and ISDS can stand in the way of higher environmental standards and the transition to renewable energy

TJM Consultation Response

Written Evidence to the International Trade Committee's Inquiry on Trade in Services

This document sets out TJM’s written evidence to the International Trade Committee’s Inquiry on UK trade in services.

TJM Consultation Response

TJM submission to parliamentary inquiry on progress on the Sustainable Development Goals

In July 2019 the UK Government will present its Voluntary National Review to the UN, detailing the p...

TJM Consultation Response