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Reform of UK international investment protection post-Brexit

UK international investment protection is not fit for purpose, reform must happen before full Brexit

TJM Briefing

Democratising UK Trade Post-Brexit

Democracy and transparency in UK trade policy matter to us all

TJM Briefing

Key Issues in UK Trade Policy Post-Brexit

Key issues in UK trade policy post-Brexit

TJM Briefing

TTIPing Away the Ladder

How the EU-US trade deal could undermine the Sustainable Development Goals

TJM Report

TJM Briefing on WTO Ministerial Conference 2015

Broken promises and outstanding issues have characterised the negotiating process at this year’s ministerial conference of the WTO.

TJM Briefing

Worried about UK BITs? Analysis of UK Bilateral Investment Treaties

This TJM report outlines the state of play in the UK investment protection regime. The UK has an ext...

TJM Report

The Case for Reform of UK BITs – short briefing for MPs

UK BITs offer foreign investors an extra layer of protection beyond that available to domestic companies or citizens

TJM Briefing

TJM: Take Back the Power - Energy Transition and the International Trade and Investment Regime

Climate goals commit us to reducing fossil fuel use but trade and investment deals can block government action

TJM Report

Letter to PM and SoS for International Trade on US talks and Covid-19 epidemic

26 March 2020 Dear Prime Minister and Secretary of State for International Trade, The United States...

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