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TJM’s ten tests for the future EU-UK relationship

TJM has compiled these tests to assess any future agreement between the EU and the UK, ahead of discussions on EU-UK relations at the European Council

TJM Briefing

Shaping Future UK Trade Policy: Investment Protection Provisions

The UK must make crucial decisions about its future trade policy. This briefing explores the important issue of investment protection provisions.

TJM Briefing

TJM evidence to Lords International Agreements Sub-Committee - US trade deal

Written evidence from the Trade Justice Movement to the Lords International Agreements Sub-Committee on the US trade deal

TJM Consultation Response

ITC - UK Trade Negotiations Inquiry - Evidence from TJM

Written evidence submitted to the International Trade Committee on behalf of the Trade Justice Movement.

TJM Consultation Response

A US-UK trade deal: issues from a civil society perspective

A report from the Trade Justice Movement analysing issues in a the proposed US-UK trade deal

TJM Report

EU-UK: Why we need to extend the post-Brexit transition period

An argument from TJM as to why we need to extend the post-Brexit transition period as a result of pandemic

TJM Briefing

Analysis of the UK's draft FTA for the EU-UK relationship

TJM's analysis of the UK government's proposed free trade deal with the EU

TJM Briefing

Trade Bill - Briefing for Second Reading

TJM briefing for the Second Reading of the Trade Bill on Wednesday 20 May 2020. ...

TJM Briefing

Protecting the NHS in UK Trade Policy

TJM briefing on protecting the NHS in post-Brexit trade agreements

TJM Briefing

TJM's response to the ITC's consultation on the COVID-19 pandemic and international trade

TJM calls for reform to the international trade regime to help reduce the harms of the coronavirus pandemic

TJM Consultation Response