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A timeline of UK trade and trade justice

TJM celebrates its 20th anniversary with a new report looking back at two decades of campaigning for a fair and just trading system.

TJM Report

Briefing on the life cycle of EU trade agreements

A legal briefing from Transport & Environment and ClientEarth explaining EU procedure rules on the negotiation and completion of trade deals

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UK Parliament Note on CETA

This note provides details about CETA, the Comprehensive Trade and Economic Partnership. This is a free trade agreement between the EU and Canada.

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Brexit: environment and climate change

A House of Lords report outlining some possible impacts of Brexit on environmental law and climate change action.

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The trade system and climate action: Ways forward under the Paris Agreement

A working paper from Climate Strategies exploring how the global trade regime could be amended to support climate change action

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Letter to PM and SoS for International Trade on US talks and Covid-19 epidemic

26 March 2020 Dear Prime Minister and Secretary of State for International Trade, The United States...

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The European Commission's Summary of the Final Negotiating Results

This note summarises the key elements of the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement between the EU and Canada (CETA).

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Brexit: options for trade

A House of Lords report exploring the UK's options for trade and trade agreements following Brexit

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Briefing on International Development issues for the customs bill 2nd reading

Traidcraft Briefing on the Taxation (Cross-border trade) Bill, also known as the Customs Bill.

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