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A timeline of UK trade and trade justice

TJM celebrates its 20th anniversary with a new report looking back at two decades of campaigning for a fair and just trading system.

TJM Report

CETA and the environment: A gold standard for the planet or for big business?

An analysis by Transport & Environment and ClientEarth that finds that the public interest is treated as an afterthough in CETA

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WTO E-commerce: Statement by the African Group

The WTO African Group's critique of the emerging e-commerce agenda

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EU report on the use of ‘positive’ and ‘negative’ lists in services trade deals

Services and investment are a key component of EU trade policy. So how do EU trade deals cover trade in services and investment?

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International Trade for the Common Good

CAFOD paper outlining five principles that the UK government must consider for each of its future trade deals

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Trade for All: Towards a more responsible trade and investment policy

A European Commission report exploring how trade and investment could be used for the public interest

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Trade, Investment and Public Health

European Public Health Alliance: Protecting public health in EU and post-Brexit trade agreements

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UNISON Briefing on CETA, TTIP and TISA

National governments and MEPs from the European Parliament’s Trade Committee have only limited access to documents. MPs at Westminster have no none.

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Safeguarding the environment after Brexit

A report by Caroline Lucas about environmental protection challenges the UK will need to face following Brexit

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Briefing on the life cycle of EU trade agreements

A legal briefing from Transport & Environment and ClientEarth explaining EU procedure rules on the negotiation and completion of trade deals

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