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Alternative Trade for the Planet

How to align trade policy with climate and environmental goals.

TJM Report

Parliament's role in ratifying treaties

A House of Commons briefing outlining the limited influence that Parliament has in composing and ratifying treaties

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Women workers' rights and the risks of Brexit

A briefing by the TUC about the risks posed to women's rights at work by Britain's exit from the EU

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The impact of Brexit on UK employment law rights and health and safety legislation

A trade union group briefing by Thompsons Solicitors about the impact of Brexit on employment rights and health and safety at work

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European Union (Notification of Withdrawal) Bill

A House of Commons briefing on the Bill that was launched to give MPs a vote on whether the UK should exit the EU

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Brexit: how does the Article 50 process work?

A House of Commons briefing on use of the Article 50 process to withdraw from the EU

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Brexit: options for trade

A House of Lords report exploring the UK's options for trade and trade agreements following Brexit

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Brexit: environment and climate change

A House of Lords report outlining some possible impacts of Brexit on environmental law and climate change action.

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Safeguarding the environment after Brexit

A report by Caroline Lucas about environmental protection challenges the UK will need to face following Brexit

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International Trade for the Common Good

CAFOD paper outlining five principles that the UK government must consider for each of its future trade deals

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An early analysis of TiSA by Public Services International

The idea for TISA originated with trade think tanks and lobbyists for corporations unhappy with the pace of services negotiations at the WTO

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