Briefings Briefing on post-Brexit trade with Ghana and Cameroon

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Briefing on post-Brexit trade with Ghana and Cameroon

Unless urgent action is taken, exports from Ghana and Cameroon to the UK will incur substantial additional tariffs on 1st January 2021. Instead of rolling over existing EU arrangements, the UK is trying to negotiate trade deals. Not only is the timeframe for such negotiations extremely tight, particularly given the huge resource that has been allocated to tackling Covid-19, but these deals are also likely to have a damaging impact. They could undermine regional trade aspirations, national and regional industrial development, job creation and services. Women in low-paid sectors and as carers are likely to bear the brunt of these impacts, particularly if the UK goes on to pursue services negotiations that could reduce the scope of provision and increase costs.

This briefing argues that the UK should urgently offer Ghana and Cameroon an interim market access arrangement to ensure no disruption of international supply chains and to allow time to find a longer-term solution that will not have the damaging impacts of a Free Trade Agreement.


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