Briefings A comparison of the UK's objectives for deals with the US and EU


A comparison of the UK's objectives for deals with the US and EU

This table compares the UK’s published negotiation objectives for trade deals with (A) the EU and (B) the US, looking at various ‘trade justice’ related issues. The third column analyses any points of interest or notable differences between the two.

Both these trade deals are stated priorities for the UK government in the year ahead. The EU-UK deal is supposed to be completed before the end of the implementation period (scheduled for the end of December 2020). The US-UK deal has no such deadline, though both sides have emphasised a shared desire to conclude a deal quickly. However, political obstacles on the US side, including the upcoming election, might delay this. Since March 2020, both countries’ response to the Covid-19 outbreak is likely to significantly slow things down.

The Trade Justice Movement is coordinating civil society’s response to the UK’s new trade agreements, and these deals are a high campaign priority. As the table makes clear, the deals have the capacity to touch on a wide range of social, environmental and human rights issues. Approaching these deals in the right way will be essential to make sure trade works for people and planet.