Trade, agriculture and climate change: Standards and beyond

Posted on March 24, 2022
Tractor Fertilising Fields

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Agriculture employs a quarter of the world's workers, and produces a quarter of the world's greenhouse gas emissions (including deforestation). Farmers, most especially in the Global South, are suffering the brunt of climate change.

Meanwhile, trade deals aim to get ever more goods flowing, often at great carbon cost and with significant impact on local jobs. They also have wide-ranging impacts on countries' abilities to protect farms, farmers and the wider environment.

This session will explore these complex interactions between agriculture, climate and trade policy. The event will be chaired by Charlotte Timson, Chief Executive of Traidcraft Exchange, and we are delighted to welcome the following speakers:

  • Mamadou Goita, Executive Director of the Institute for Research and Promotion of Alternatives in Development
  • Angela Francis, Chief Advisor of Economics and Economic Development at WWF-UK
  • Ranja Sengupta, Senior Researcher at Third World Network

Presentations will be followed by time for audience questions and discussion.

Watch the recording of this webinar on our YouTube channel

This briefing is the fifth in an eight-part series, which is exploring the social and environmental impacts of trade policy. Details of all sessions are available at